#Gen3 Hospitality

Gen3 Hospitality is a Las Vegas-based hospitality group that operates an impressive and diverse list of independent restaurants: Public House, Haute Doggery, The Barrymore, Holsteins Shakes and Buns in Las Vegas and Portland, Flour & Barley Brick Oven Pizza in Las Vegas and Waikiki, and the Las Vegas outpost of Pink’s Hot Dogs. With each concept, Gen3 Hospitality demonstrates its commitment to service excellence and innovation.  With menus that include fresh, seasonal ingredients with modern twists and creativity, Gen3 Hospitality’s dedication to the dining experience also translates to groups with a high level of customization to help fit perfectly to each client’s needs—ranging from wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, business meetings, and team building events.

Gen 3 Hospitality is constantly looking for new ways to grow in the restaurant industry by maximizing their asset value by playing to their core competencies of efficiency, effective leadership, and innovative business practices.

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